I’m Back

After a very long break…I am ready to come back to the blog world.  Life felt incredibly busy these past few months, mixed in with a first trimester that knocked me on my ass…I decided to put blogging aside and just focus on our family, and getting some much needed rest so I could handle my day job.  Now that I am comfortably in my second trimester…I am feeling much better and I feel like I can actually function again beyond just the basics of go to work, come home feed my family and repeat.

So I guess that officially means I am expecting baby #2 this Fall.  September 2/3/4 ish (depending on who you ask).  Either way…it’s coming fast.  It’s the end of April which means I really only have 2 months of work left before summer holidays…and really the start to my leave, since I won’t return back to work for 5 days before babe makes its entrance.  Pretty decent timing I would say (and really one of the best times of year for top up purposes).

So a quick recap of our Winter here in Sk…we had an incredibly mild winter.  Temperatures were way above normal, and it really didn’t feel like winter, except for about a week in January where we had some seasonally normal temps.  Despite the warm weather, I spent most of my spare time, curled up in a ball trying not to dry heave/gag/vomit.  I didn’t actually get sick too many times, but the gagging/heaving was pretty rough, and made it tough to get myself and Z ready in the morning.  I ran my YL oil diffuser a lot, to mask any smells that were making me super nauseous.  I also had to eat.  Like all the time.  If I didn’t, well then I was back to the heaving/gagging.  Not a nice way for my day to go.  I am sure my students thought all I did was eat…they even commented that I always had so many snacks…maybe I could share them with them.  Ha!  I would have loved to, but I would have vomited all over the place.  And despite the nausea, I was exhausted.  I could make it through the work day no problem, but the minute I walked through the door at home I was done.  I literally could curl up on the couch and go to sleep.  Thankfully Brett was a trooper and helped a ton making sure Z and I were always fed and watered, and our house stayed clean.  That man was definitely my rock this winter.

We enrolled Zaeya in gymnastics, and she loved every minute of it.  Z isn’t the most coordinated kid, but gymnastics did wonders for her.  At the start she was extremely cautious, would alwas hold our hand, take her time, very nervous.  We were the people who held up the line of toddlers because she moved so slowly through each obstacle.  The other kids did so great, trying their best to be as patient as can be waiting behind her.  By the end of her 12 weeks, she was a totally different kid.  Still cautious, but she no longer needed us to hold her hand unless it was extremely difficult, and she began to master the obstacles and become faster.

Hmmm…what else did we do this winter.  We spent the February long weekend in Neilburg with Brett’s parents.

We celebrated my nephew Jackson’s baptism in Martensville, which also meant we got to spend a night at a hotel with waterslide (mine and Z’s favourite – waterslides).  She could have spent all day on that waterslide.


Easter was spent at the farm with Mom & Dad, and then over at my Auntie Wendy & Uncle Kelly’s farm for Sunday dinner.  It was great.  The sun was shining, the boys shot clay pigeons all afternoon, the kids ran around chasing bubbles, and we consumed way to much food.

After our quick trip down to the farm for Easter, we were home for less than 24 hours before we hopped back into the car this time for Neilburg, where we dropped Z off with Grandma & Papa for 4 days while Brett and I set off for Las Vegas!  It was so nice to get away for a few days just with Brett (even though it was for a conference).  I will post about this trip later.

Well I think that’s it for today.  Save the rest for another post.  🙂


Christmas 2015 Recap

Well Christmas is over for us…it was busy, and we are exhausted.  Thankfully I have a week before I head back to work (life of a teacher!).

Our Christmas extravaganza began on December 13.  Z’s babysitter was travelling back to London, England to go and see her family for the holidays and asked if it would be alright if they left a week early.  Of course we said yes.  Her two grown sons played the BBL for the London Lions and Karen and her husband would be getting to visit their boys for Christmas.  This meant we didn’t have someone to watch Zae during the day time while I worked that last week of classes before winter holidays.  My parents graciously offered to watch her for us.  So for a whole week, we were kid free, while Z was at the farm with Grandpa & Grandma.  We jam packed our week with social activities, movies, dinner dates, dinner with friends, drinks with friends and a christmas party.  Needless to say I was exhausted by the weekend.

On the 19th my parents brought Zaeya back to the city and we gathered at my sister and brother-in-laws place to celebrate X-Mas with the Tessier’s.  The girls were spoiled very much.  So much that Z didn’t want to open presents, she just wanted to play.  Nonetheless it was fun, and my brother in law cooked an extremely delicious meal.  He cooked up Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and green beans, with a side of taco salad, broccoli salad & lentil salad, topped off with a big ‘ole glass of wine.


Our next Christmas began on December 24 (Christmas Eve).  We drove to Martensville, Sk to Brett’s sister Lea & Brennen’s house for the Park Christmas gathering.  The house was full.  The days were spent eating way too much food and drinking too many cocktails.  The kids opened their presents X-mas morning, and spent the remainder of the time playing with their new toys.  We didn’t venture outside since the temperature was around -30 C while we were there.  We had a lot of fun, but are tired.  Zaeya slept in this morning.  She didn’t get out of bed until 10 am.  I will take it.  This week will be a quiet week here at home, playing with her new toys, and cleaning our house and getting back into the groove once again.

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope the holidays were enjoyable for you.  Looking forward to see what 2016 brings for us.

To the Gentleman in the Grocery Store

As Z and I were casually walking the isles of Safeway this morning collecting groceries we needed, I overheard some voices from the isle next to us. As we approached the next isle, I saw a lady and gentleman filling a shopping cart with groceries. The gentleman was in a wheelchair, and the lady I presume was a family member or an aid of sorts helping him buy his groceries. We simply passed by and said Hello to both customers and continued onto the next aisle where I had to stop and take a moment. I was in tears. The gentleman reminded me so much of my Grandma Sylvia. When he spoke he sounded just like her (more masculine obviously, but I understood every word he said despite whatever was causing his speech issues). So to the gentleman I saw today, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of my Grandma and all the great memories I have of her. Thank you for the smile and hello back. You made our day very special

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

One of the first bloggers I began religiously following was Deena over at Shoes to Shiraz.  We have a few things in common, my husband and Deena are first cousins, we are both educators, and we love spending time with family and friends.  So today as I was loyally catching up on Deena’s latest blog post I noticed she nominated me to participate in the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award.  So I shall try my best to answer the questions provided to me.  Hopefully you will learn something more about me. 🙂

1.  How did you decide on your blog name?

Ha.  Well actually this blog was started restarted when I joined the 2014 Style Challenge and decided to blog with my fellow Style bloggers.  Deena over at Shoes to Shiraz was setting up the blogging and asked if I wanted in.  I said yes…and then decided I needed to update the blog I had started ages ago.  And so chose, Family.Love.Inspiration.Education.  To be honest, I didn’t really take much time to think about a name.  I needed one, and it was the best I came up with in a short time.  We will see if it stays, or grows and changes as this blog does the same.  

2.  How has blogging enhanced your life?

Blogging is truly a sisterhood.  While I have not met the women that I blog with, or whose blogs I read, I feel connected to them.  All most like having a pen pal when you are a child.  It has also allowed me to challenge myself in ways I never expected. 

3.  What tip would you offer new bloggers?

Find a purpose for you blog.  Find you voice.  And enjoy it.  

4.  What’s your favourite guilty pleasure show?

Hmmmm, tough question.  I currently just finished watching Bloodline on Netflix.  I like crime drama…I am currently running out of choices on Netflix.  

5.  What are you reading now?

Currently working on two books, At the Waters Edge & Our Souls at Night.

6.  What are three things you can’t live without?

Times with friends/family,  my hot tub (great form of stress relief), a pet (while Pixel may be demanding, he know when to snuggle).

7.  What season do you think is easiest to dress for? Also what is your favourite season?  

Easiest to dress for – Summer (binkini’s, shorts, tank tops)

Favourite season to dress for – Fall (leggings, scarves, boots, sweaters…the air is cool in the evenings here in Regina.  Hoping for a warm fall.

8.  What would you love to get paid to do now?

If I had to choose a different job besides education, I think I would go back to school to learn more about the human body, muscles…maybe Exercise Therapy or something of that sort.  

9.  What’s your favourite place to visit?

Hmmm…the farm.  I love the farm.  I love the bald prairies, the isolation, the wilderness, and the memories of where I grew up.  And my second choice would be the Okanagan.  So beautiful out there.  

10.  Have you ever done anything that’s taken you out of your comfort zone?  If so, what?

Blogging.  This is so out of my comfort zone.  I identify myself as a reader, but not as a writer.  This is definitely out of my comfort zone.  I am still trying to identify my voice.  I am still trying to determine what I want on this blog.  It’s a learning process.  And I am excited to see how it grows and changes over time.  

Thanks you Deena for the nomination.   I’m going to nominate two fellow bloggers; Leslie at OnceUponATimeHappilyEverAfter, and Brittni at MOMentum.

Recap – Our Family Vacay in Vernon, BC

This past Tuesday, our little family returned from a one week vacation in Vernon, BC.  Why Vernon, you ask?  My sister invited us out.  My sister and her husband have been traveling to Vernon for years to stay at the his parent’s cabin.  Two years ago we were actually out there for five days (I was pregnant with Z at the time, so I was DD for everyone doing wine tasting).  Last summer, Mark & Cathy built a new lake front cabin, just a short drive from the Outback Resort, which is where we stayed with them last time.  Fast forward to about March, when Michelle & J asked us if we would like to come out to the new cabin for a bit with them this summer.  And we said yes.  Flights were booked early (found some cheap seats…a rare find in Regina, SK), and we were set.  Z got to fly for free, since she is only 20 months old.

The evening before our flight left, we had last minute packing to do, the usual.  We attempted to put Z to bed at a decent hour, especially with the abnormally early wake up call she was going to have.  She would have none of it.  Of course, she was in the process of cutting the bottom two canine teeth, which means, a sad, exhausted baby, who just wants to be snuggled, and rocked, and held a certain way.  Between Brett and I we did manage to get our bags to the door, with just the final items to add when we woke up.  None of us got more than 2 hours of sleep.  I was worried.  This could be a disaster flying on an airplane with a toddler who has only slept 2 hours.  I went to sleep at 2 am hoping my alarm would go off, and the flight would be fine.

Our alarm woke us at 3:55 am.  The taxi was in our driveway by 4:10am.  I woke Z up, changed her diaper, and hopped into the taxi by 4:20 am.  And we were off.  No tears.  We arrived at the airport, which was actually very busy for a Tuesday morning at 4:30 am.  The West Jet employees saw us with our arms full of luggage and a toddler and immediately helped us at the self serve kiosk (luggage tags), and put us in a quick luggage drop line.  Upstairs through security, no problem, and then to find a seat to wait.  Brett went in search of coffee, milk, and a snack, while Z and I talked about airplanes.  If you have never been to Regina International Airport, I can tell you it is small, we are a small city (approx. 230,000).  And our Tim Hortons was being renovated, so crappy coffee was all Brett could find.  Well not entirely true.  Brett liked the coffee, I couldn’t drink it (I’m not really a coffee drinker….I’m more a fill it will loads of sugar kind of girl).  Our wait in the airport was pretty short, we boarded the plane around 5:15 am.  By 5:50 am we were in the sky.  Z was so excited.  She spent a large portion of the time looking out the window telling us what she saw.


We arrived in Calgary shortly before 7.  We had approximately 20 minutes to use the washroom, and let Z run off some energy.  And then we were up in the air shortly after 7 am.  The flight from Calgary to Kelowna was approx 40 minutes.  We arrived in Kelowna before 8 am local time (9:00 am SK time).  We gathered all of our luggage, got the keys to our rental car, got directions for the drive to the lake house, and made a plan.  We needed to stop and grab a few items on our way to the lake house (diapers, pop, milk, cocktails, snacks & breakfast).  Two minutes away from the airport, Zaeya was fast asleep.  We enjoyed the casual drive (we needed to let Z sleep, we weren’t in a hurry at all).  We arrived at the lake house a little over an hour later.

The Lake House is beautiful.  It is in a quiet, gated community, situated on Lake Okanagan.  The view was breath taking.  I could have stayed there all summer long.  Our week was quiet,enjoyable.  Life is rarely quiet with a 20 month old toddler who is a little chatterbox.  Z spent the days playing outside under our supervision.  She constantly asked to go down to the dock to look for fishies, Bubble Guppies (characters from her favourite and only tv show she watches).  She ate/chewed on copious amount of ice cubes (popsicles), she investigated bugs, she watched the birds nest above the neighbours door, she tried to catch a glimpse of the chipmunk.  And she played and interacted with everyone at the cabin.  There were lots of people.  There were our hosts, Mark & Cathy and there 3 sets of other couples (they stayed at the other cabin, but always came over around 3 pm for a dock party).  There were Steve & Roxy, Jarret, Michelle & Olivia, Brett, Z and I, and later, Kyle, Teneille & Lily.  There was always someone to talk to and play with.  Most of our days were just spent outdoors, enjoying the views, and taking in as much Vitamin D as possible.  Occasionally we hopped onto the boat, jumped off the dock to cool off, took the paddle board out for a spin, or just floated.

Here are a few pics of the views from the house, dock or of the house itself.

IMG_9152 IMG_9251 IMG_9249 IMG_9193 IMG_9185 IMG_9179

We did leave the lake house a few times.  The first excursion was to the Vernon Farmers Market.  So much fresh BC fruit & veggies.


Our next stop was at Planet Bee Honey Farm & Meadery.  This was a great little stop.  Inside they had a live bee display behind glass, where you could watch the Honey Bees working.  We even spotted one of the Queens.  The shop also sold numerous types of honey.  And the best part, you could taste all the different flavours, and then pick the ones you wanted.  They had approximately 15 different flavours of honey.  Soo many to choose from.  And even better, they had MEAD tasting.  I don’t remember which ones we tasted, but they were delicious.  And we definitely picked up a couple of bottles.  This was a great little stop.  When Z gets a little bit older, I think it would be a nice quick little stop to check out again.

Honey Bee IMG_9219 P1020428

After Planet Bee, we stopped next door at Davison Orchards.  This was super neat, and perfect for a toddler.  They had lots of tasty snacks inside (we tried the ice cream with fresh berries).  We bought tickets to ride the train, pulled by old tractors throughout the orchard, where you had the chance to see all the varieties of products they grow, and also hear about the history of the orchard and how they plant and maintain so much produce.  The ride ended at a little playground for children.   It had duck races, slides, buildings to climb in and out of, old trucks and tractors buried in the sand pile for children to sit in, and ample room to run around.  They also had a small petting zoo, with donkeys, goats, and chickens.  And then there was the store.  Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, preserves and of course other little touristy items.  Brett, Z and I ate lunch there.  Delicious soups and sandwiches, and there homemade apple juice.  We may have bought a 4 L jug of juice to drink back at the lake house.

Train Ride IMG_9236 IMG_9233 IMG_9231 IMG_9227 IMG_9226

Our last excursion was sans kids.  Mark & Cathy graciously offered to babysit while Michelle, Jarret, Brett, Steve, Roxy & I went wine tasting.  We stopped at 5 vineyards in the Vernon area (see the list below).  When we were here 2 years ago, we stopped at the same 5 vineyards, however I didn’t get to do any tasting (I was pregnant with Z).  This was a fantastic morning.  We got started around 10:30 and were back home around 3pm.  It was a busy wine tasting day, it was raining out, so a lot of people looking for indoor things to do.  Wine tasting is perfect to do on a raining day.  This is only the 2nd time in my life where I have actually gone Wine Tasting (not counting when I was DD).  Some friends of ours used to live in Redlands, California, and on a visit, took us to Temecula to do some wine tasting.  From what I remember of that trip, it was a lot of Red Wines (i prefer white).  But it was a lot of fun.  At our tastings in Vernon, the wines were predominately white wines (which is perfect for me).  And so delicious.  Brett and I knew we planned to bring home a few bottles of wine.  We even re-packed our Wine Skin (bottle protectors), so we could bring some home.  And then my brother in law asked for a box, to pack bottles in on the plane.  That changed our game.  Instead of a couple of bottles of wine, we brought home a box of wine (12 bottles), and 2 in our suitcase.  Why not.  We really liked what we were tasting, and then we didn’t have to try and decide which place to buy our favourites from, we just got our favourites from each place.  🙂

  1. Ex Nihilo Vineyards
  2. Arrow Leaf 
  3. Gray Monk
  4. Intrigue Wines
  5. 50th Parellel Estate


IMG_9244 IMG_9243

All in all, it was a very enjoyable week.  It was great to make memories with my sister and her family.  I can’t wait to do it again.

IMG_9301 IMG_9292 IMG_9291 IMG_9289 IMG_9284 IMG_9276 IMG_9274 IMG_9265 IMG_9238 IMG_9236 IMG_9207 IMG_9192 IMG_9158 P1020475 P1020468 P1020421 P1020401

July Review

Wow.  I can’t believe it is July 31 today.  This past month went so fast.  So I guess that means I should recap what we did.

July 1 was a Wednesday, and that day also happens to be Canada’s Birthday!  Since it was midweek and not attached to a weekend, most of our friends were in town.  We went over to Becky & Curtis’ to celebrate.  It was a great afternoon, of games, visiting, tons of food, and finished the evening off watching the fireworks at Wascana Park.

IMG_8941  IMG_8958

Our next event was the Craven Country Jamboree which Brett and I have attended for a number of years.  My parents watched Zaeya for us for the weekend, while we were out at the music festival.  As always Craven was full of country music, rain, sunshine and some cocktails.  Zaeya had a great time at Grandma & Papa’s.

IMG_9064 IMG_9078

The following weekend we travelled up to Saskatoon for my cousin Raelyn’s wedding.  We stayed at the Sheraton in downtown Saskatoon.  Much to our surprise the water slide had been opened early, which meant we got to take Zaeya down the water slide for the first time.  She loved it.  I lost count of how many times we trekked up the stairs to take Z and Jake down.  The wedding was beautiful.  Small and intimate and the top of the Sheraton with beautiful views overlooking the river.  Brett was in charge of music for the whole event, which is pretty easy.  This marks the 3rd wedding he has acted as “DJ” at.  Zaeya & Jacob tore up the dance floor, and stayed up way too late.


Tessier Family 2015


4 Generations





We just returned from a one week family vacation in Vernon, BC.  We stayed with my sister Michelle & her family and her in-laws.  Mark & Cathy built a beautiful house, lake front on the Okanagan, just south of Vernon, BC.  The view was amazing.  For a week, we ate too much food, consumed too many cocktails, swam in the Okanagan, went to the Farmer’s Market, checked out Planet Bee (we got to taste Honey & Mead), & we also stopped at Davison Orchards.  Mark & Cathy also watched Zaeya & Olivia one mornings so that we adults could go wine tasting.  We stopped at 5 wineries, and brought home a whole box of wine, because why not?

These are the vineyards we went to.  Not bad for 4-5 hours.

  1. Ex Nihilo Vineyards
  2. Arrow Leaf 
  3. Gray Monk
  4. Intrigue Wines
  5. 50th Parellel Estate

P1020401 P1020421 P1020428 P1020468 P1020475

That pretty much sums up the month of July.  August is looking to be a relatively quiet month.  The only thing we really have planned is 5 days in Clear Lake, Manitoba.

Have a safe and restful August long weekend!