Tasty Tuesdays: Chocolate Skor Trifle

Hi there.  So this blog post is inspired by the ladies over at The Blended Blog.  Some virtual friends of mine who saw a picture of this tasty treat that I posted on my social media sites suggested that I post the recipe that I used.  Since it turned out I decided I would share.


Here is the back story to why I created this dessert in the first place.  Last weekend my daughter wanted to make chocolate cake.  So I pulled out my trusty recipe book that I have used since I was a kid.   I decided on Texas Brownies.  Its a simple recipe, and one I have made many, many times.  Well we made the cake, iced it, and later that day ate a piece with some ice cream.  It was good.  So I went to have more, and then actually looked at my cake.  It was super weird, almost like it hadn’t been cooked long enough, and was too moist.  It was weird, and never happened before (I must have been distracted while making…Ooops!).  And so the cake sat on the counter for days, and no one, not even my hubby was touching it.  I couldn’t bring myself to toss it.  So I hopped onto Pinterest and searched for something to do with cake, that would mask the weird moistness that should not be.  I decided a Trifle would be the best option.

Dani’s Chocolate Skor Trifle aka the chocolate cake that flopped.

You will need:

  • A trifle bowl
  • chocolate cake (mine was a flopped or you can make a chocolate cake of your choosing)
  • Box of instant chocolate pudding
  • 1 tub of Cool Whip
  • Skor Bits
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Caramel Sauce


  1. Chop up the chocolate cake or if you are making from scratch cut so it fits into the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Next make the instant chocolate pudding as per the box instructions and layer on top of the cake.
  3. Next add Cool Whip on top of pudding, then Skor bits, and chocolate and caramel sauce.
  4. Continue this pattern until your bowl is full, or you run out of ingredients.
  5. Cover with saran wrap and chill in refrigerator.

I think my bowl had about two layers.  It was a LOT.  But oh so delicious.  I took it to a Games Night we attended with friends, and it was quickly devoured and a quick and easy way to hide my mistake.


Do you have any tasty recipes that you use to hide a mistake or a flop?

20 Activities on my Spring Bucket List



Today I am talking about my Spring Bucket List inspired by the lovely Leslie who asked if anyone wanted to join her.  I thought why not, it sounds fun.  The weather here has just started to warm up with some nice warm temperatures above 0 C so writing this post is very fitting.

20 Activities on my Spring Bucket List

  1. Attend a local outdoor Farmer’s Market
  2. Fill the Bird Feeder for the birds
  3. Host a BBQ
  4. Open the windows and let the fresh air in
  5. Play Outside with my kids
  6. Play/draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  7. Listen to the Canadian Geese arrive home/go see and feed the geese in the park
  8. Go look for the first spring flowers found on the prairies (crocuses, buttercups, blue bells)
  9. Jump in water puddles
  10. Smell that fresh first cut of grass after a long winter
  11. Plant flowers
  12. Paint Easter Eggs (a family tradition)
  13. Play in the rain
  14. Run a 5km race
  15. Go for a walk around our community
  16. Go on a spring hike
  17. Get a pedicure with my girl
  18. Read a good book outside
  19. Lounge in my hammock
  20. Enjoy a nice long soak in the hot tub

I will be checking back in periodically to update my progress this spring.  It looks like spring like temperatures are being forecast for the next week.  Maybe I will cross some of these items off this week.

Make sure you hop on over to the other blogs (see the links below) to read their Spring Bucket Lists as well.  I wonder if we will have any similar items on our lists.  Cheers!  Happy First Day of Spring!

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February Book Reviews

Today I am linking up with The Blended Blog.  I have joined the 2017 Blended Blog Virtual Book Club.  This virtual club is made up of approximately 30 women, all across North America.  We take turns listing our book choices, approximately 4-6 books to choose from each month.  You can read as many books as fits into your schedule.  For February we had 6 books to choose from (see all the choices here).

I am a mom to two beautiful little kids, Zaeay who is 3 and Logan who is 6 months old.  Now I would love to have read all 6 books, unfortunately that is not realistic in my current state of motherhood.  So I chose 2 in the hopes that I would have them finished…and guess what.  I did it.  Goal met.

My Picks for February were:

Review #1 – A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove

When I first started this book, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. In my defence it was around 10 pm at night, after a long day of chasing kids.  I read the first chapter before I went to bed.  I wasn’t sure.  But I decided to give it a fair chance.  I am very glad I did.  I loved the book.  I actually had a hard time putting it down.  I just wanted to find out what Ove was going to do next.  So without giving away too much of the story, I am just going to say that I really enjoyed this story because Ove reminded me of my Grandpa’s.  Men from a different era.  Life was simpler, private for them.  Every time I read it an image or a memory of my Grandpa’s would appear.  Both of my Grandfather’s have since passed, but this book unexpectedly brought back many memories of them that I did not expect.  So while this story was very interesting to read, and humourous at times.  For me, it was the personal connection I felt to my past, and to my loved ones I think that really made me enjoy this book even more.  In our group chat with the women who read this, almost every woman said the character Ove reminded them of a father or grandfather.

This book was a 5/5 stars for me.

Review #2 – A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home

This was my second pick.  This book took me longer to read.  Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because my life was busy, and I found for this personal story, I needed time to absorb all the trials and tribulations Saroo went through as a young boy.

This story is about a young boy who gets lost in India, and amidst the confusion and fear finds himself adopted by a loving Australian couple who totally change his life.  The detail about those frightening days leading up to his adoption seem unbelievable, especially when he only had his memories to go from.  His desire to try and keep those memories fresh, in the hopes that one day he could find his family again is outstanding.

I know these are short…but well toddlers and babies limit my time.  Come back the first Thursday of April to see what I read in March.  Also, hop over to the other ladies blogs and check out what they had to say about the books they read.


Let’s Try This Again

Okay…so it has been a really, and I mean really long time.  I’ve decided to resurrect this blog.  If no one reads it I am totally okay with that.  It’s a place for me to keep memories for myself.  So my first official back to blogging post will be on Thursday, March 2.  Stay tuned!


I’m Back

After a very long break…I am ready to come back to the blog world.  Life felt incredibly busy these past few months, mixed in with a first trimester that knocked me on my ass…I decided to put blogging aside and just focus on our family, and getting some much needed rest so I could handle my day job.  Now that I am comfortably in my second trimester…I am feeling much better and I feel like I can actually function again beyond just the basics of go to work, come home feed my family and repeat.

So I guess that officially means I am expecting baby #2 this Fall.  September 2/3/4 ish (depending on who you ask).  Either way…it’s coming fast.  It’s the end of April which means I really only have 2 months of work left before summer holidays…and really the start to my leave, since I won’t return back to work for 5 days before babe makes its entrance.  Pretty decent timing I would say (and really one of the best times of year for top up purposes).

So a quick recap of our Winter here in Sk…we had an incredibly mild winter.  Temperatures were way above normal, and it really didn’t feel like winter, except for about a week in January where we had some seasonally normal temps.  Despite the warm weather, I spent most of my spare time, curled up in a ball trying not to dry heave/gag/vomit.  I didn’t actually get sick too many times, but the gagging/heaving was pretty rough, and made it tough to get myself and Z ready in the morning.  I ran my YL oil diffuser a lot, to mask any smells that were making me super nauseous.  I also had to eat.  Like all the time.  If I didn’t, well then I was back to the heaving/gagging.  Not a nice way for my day to go.  I am sure my students thought all I did was eat…they even commented that I always had so many snacks…maybe I could share them with them.  Ha!  I would have loved to, but I would have vomited all over the place.  And despite the nausea, I was exhausted.  I could make it through the work day no problem, but the minute I walked through the door at home I was done.  I literally could curl up on the couch and go to sleep.  Thankfully Brett was a trooper and helped a ton making sure Z and I were always fed and watered, and our house stayed clean.  That man was definitely my rock this winter.

We enrolled Zaeya in gymnastics, and she loved every minute of it.  Z isn’t the most coordinated kid, but gymnastics did wonders for her.  At the start she was extremely cautious, would alwas hold our hand, take her time, very nervous.  We were the people who held up the line of toddlers because she moved so slowly through each obstacle.  The other kids did so great, trying their best to be as patient as can be waiting behind her.  By the end of her 12 weeks, she was a totally different kid.  Still cautious, but she no longer needed us to hold her hand unless it was extremely difficult, and she began to master the obstacles and become faster.

Hmmm…what else did we do this winter.  We spent the February long weekend in Neilburg with Brett’s parents.

We celebrated my nephew Jackson’s baptism in Martensville, which also meant we got to spend a night at a hotel with waterslide (mine and Z’s favourite – waterslides).  She could have spent all day on that waterslide.


Easter was spent at the farm with Mom & Dad, and then over at my Auntie Wendy & Uncle Kelly’s farm for Sunday dinner.  It was great.  The sun was shining, the boys shot clay pigeons all afternoon, the kids ran around chasing bubbles, and we consumed way to much food.

After our quick trip down to the farm for Easter, we were home for less than 24 hours before we hopped back into the car this time for Neilburg, where we dropped Z off with Grandma & Papa for 4 days while Brett and I set off for Las Vegas!  It was so nice to get away for a few days just with Brett (even though it was for a conference).  I will post about this trip later.

Well I think that’s it for today.  Save the rest for another post.  🙂


Christmas 2015 Recap

Well Christmas is over for us…it was busy, and we are exhausted.  Thankfully I have a week before I head back to work (life of a teacher!).

Our Christmas extravaganza began on December 13.  Z’s babysitter was travelling back to London, England to go and see her family for the holidays and asked if it would be alright if they left a week early.  Of course we said yes.  Her two grown sons played the BBL for the London Lions and Karen and her husband would be getting to visit their boys for Christmas.  This meant we didn’t have someone to watch Zae during the day time while I worked that last week of classes before winter holidays.  My parents graciously offered to watch her for us.  So for a whole week, we were kid free, while Z was at the farm with Grandpa & Grandma.  We jam packed our week with social activities, movies, dinner dates, dinner with friends, drinks with friends and a christmas party.  Needless to say I was exhausted by the weekend.

On the 19th my parents brought Zaeya back to the city and we gathered at my sister and brother-in-laws place to celebrate X-Mas with the Tessier’s.  The girls were spoiled very much.  So much that Z didn’t want to open presents, she just wanted to play.  Nonetheless it was fun, and my brother in law cooked an extremely delicious meal.  He cooked up Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and green beans, with a side of taco salad, broccoli salad & lentil salad, topped off with a big ‘ole glass of wine.


Our next Christmas began on December 24 (Christmas Eve).  We drove to Martensville, Sk to Brett’s sister Lea & Brennen’s house for the Park Christmas gathering.  The house was full.  The days were spent eating way too much food and drinking too many cocktails.  The kids opened their presents X-mas morning, and spent the remainder of the time playing with their new toys.  We didn’t venture outside since the temperature was around -30 C while we were there.  We had a lot of fun, but are tired.  Zaeya slept in this morning.  She didn’t get out of bed until 10 am.  I will take it.  This week will be a quiet week here at home, playing with her new toys, and cleaning our house and getting back into the groove once again.

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope the holidays were enjoyable for you.  Looking forward to see what 2016 brings for us.