20 Activities on my Spring Bucket List



Today I am talking about my Spring Bucket List inspired by the lovely Leslie who asked if anyone wanted to join her.  I thought why not, it sounds fun.  The weather here has just started to warm up with some nice warm temperatures above 0 C so writing this post is very fitting.

20 Activities on my Spring Bucket List

  1. Attend a local outdoor Farmer’s Market
  2. Fill the Bird Feeder for the birds
  3. Host a BBQ
  4. Open the windows and let the fresh air in
  5. Play Outside with my kids
  6. Play/draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  7. Listen to the Canadian Geese arrive home/go see and feed the geese in the park
  8. Go look for the first spring flowers found on the prairies (crocuses, buttercups, blue bells)
  9. Jump in water puddles
  10. Smell that fresh first cut of grass after a long winter
  11. Plant flowers
  12. Paint Easter Eggs (a family tradition)
  13. Play in the rain
  14. Run a 5km race
  15. Go for a walk around our community
  16. Go on a spring hike
  17. Get a pedicure with my girl
  18. Read a good book outside
  19. Lounge in my hammock
  20. Enjoy a nice long soak in the hot tub

I will be checking back in periodically to update my progress this spring.  It looks like spring like temperatures are being forecast for the next week.  Maybe I will cross some of these items off this week.

Make sure you hop on over to the other blogs (see the links below) to read their Spring Bucket Lists as well.  I wonder if we will have any similar items on our lists.  Cheers!  Happy First Day of Spring!

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13 thoughts on “20 Activities on my Spring Bucket List

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    • Thanks. My toddler has really been enjoying the warmer weather and the simple things like splashing in puddles, so I figured hey why not. The hot tub is so nice. Especially during our long, cold winters. There is nothing like a nice long soak to end the day.

  3. Your list made me smile! All such lovely welcome-spring! activities. I may borrow a few for our upcoming trip to visit our granddaughter, who is also smack dab in the middle of toddlerness. Stomping in puddles is one of her favorite activities. Her Nana (me) just might have introduced them to her during a prior visit . . . 🙂

  4. I am amazed at how similar all of our lists are! I can understand ‘reading a book’ might appear on everyone’s list but feeding geese/feeding ducks??? How crazy that you and I have that on our lists. Kind of a random thing, right? And pedis! Yay!!

    So glad you will be doing Tasty Tuesday and so happy you’ve joined the book club. I am enjoying getting to know you better. You and Whitney feel like nieces or daughters to me. Thank you for joining in!

    • I know right. The geese should be arriving shortly. We saw an early flock at my parents back in February. A rare sight. I seriously need a pedi. My last one is slowly peeling off. Time for an update. It is so fun to get to know each other. It’s so neat how you feel a connection with someone you’ve never met.

  5. I love your list! I love that you mentioned the smell of cut grass. My daughter mowed our back yard this weekend, and I forgot to go smell it! Goodness gracious. I can’t believe I forgot to put something about books on my list! After reading your list I want to go and update mine! (You’re in Canada?)

    • Thanks! The smell of freshly cut grass is so nice. Especially after a long winter. I am in Canada. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan. We get the best of all the seasons. Thankfully this winter has been rather mild and we only had a couple of weeks of extremely frigid temperatures. And an early spring. ☺

      • That is truly mind boggling to me. I have been dreaming of a warm getaway all winter. But now that the sun is higher up and the air smells like Spring I know our warm season is so much closer.

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